Ready, Respectful, Safe

Our three clear expectations of our school are that, every day and in every lesson, we demonstrate that we are:

Ready             Respectful                  Safe

Being Ready: We expect ourselves to be ready for school and the lessons ahead. This means that we should:

  • Be in correct uniform and have the correct equipment for lessons.
  • Have the best possible attendance, arriving punctually to every lesson and settling ourselves quickly.
  • Complete all home learning to the best of our ability so that we are fully prepared for our next lesson.

Being Respectful: We show respect to every member of the community, including ourselves, and:

  • Follow the instructions of all adults, in the school, without exception, using respectful language at all times.
  • Make a positive contribution to every lesson and avoid disrupting the learning and progress of others
  • Treat everyone in the way that we expect to be treated, using appropriate language

Being Safe: We make sure that Oakbank remains a safe and positive environment for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, faith or skin colour. This means that:

  • We never use physical contact (either as play or intentional) and are aware of the safety of others.
  • We do not accept racist, homophobic, sexist or derogatory language when talking about ourselves or others.
  • We report anything that we feel risks the safety or wellbeing of others and ourselves.

By embodying these three virtues, we ensure that Oakbank is a school where all students feel safe and respected by being ready to be the best that they can be.