French - Curriculum Intent

The French experience at Oakbank strives to promote a love of language learning. We know that the study of Modern Foreign Languages is an important part of students’ education as languages make up part of our cultural richness in modern Britain. Learning a foreign language and promoting a love for learning languages contributes to students being tolerant and showing and understanding of other cultures. The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a lifelong skill for education, employment and enjoyment in this country and throughout the world. At Oakbank, our vision is to continually improve standards through an engaging and challenging curriculum, where we promote cultural awareness and develop our young people into global citizens.

At Oakbank, in KS3 we start with the basics as year 7’s come in with a range of different abilities. We strive to push the most able, who have come in with some French experience, and challenge and inspire students who have little French learning background. In French, our curriculum is designed to interleave and allow students to reflect on prior learning throughout their time here. Students learn the four skills of language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Throughout our 5 Year Curriculum, students will have the opportunity to learn about other French speaking countries and a range of cultures. If students decide not to take French at GCSE, we hope they will leave with an appreciation of language learning and tolerance of other countries and cultures.

Should students wish to take French in year 10 and 11, they start their GCSE with all the embedded skills from KS3. The five themes to the French GCSE, which are covered in KS3 are then built on in year 10 and 11 to give students the best chance of being successful. The topics in GCSE French allow students to get a more in-depth understanding of the topic in order to speak, write, listen and read with more confidence and to a higher level.

In Ks3 French, students will learn a wide range of language and culture which will enable them to have a choice in taking French at KS4. For those opting not to take KS4, we have the following aims for all students leaving Oakbank with KS3 French:

  • A wide range of conversational language that students could use later in life
  • An understanding of the importance of language learning
  • A wide range of cultural knowledge about France and French speaking countries
  • A promotion of tolerance for other languages and cultures
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