English - Curriculum Intent

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss

“I read so many books when I was a kid that I didn't even know were shaping me up.” Stormzy

Sharing stories is part of human nature, a way we communicate ideas and experiences with each other. In English we take these stories, our own and those written by others, and ask what we can learn from them. Through reading together, we can experience things in countries we’ve never visited, pasts we can only imagine and from perspectives that are profoundly different to our own. As we read and discuss, we learn more about our own beliefs and values and challenge ourselves to see what happens when we think differently. Through studying English, our students become more engaged with the world around them, learn to engage with a range of opinions and perspectives, develop skills to think more critically about what they read and hear, and understand that their voice is important and should be heard. 

The curriculum in Key Stage 3 and 4 is structured around key themes enabling students to explore how ideas are presented differently in a range of different text types including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. Discussions around these texts will lead to students being able to create their own pieces and explore their own views and ideas about a range of concepts linked to the real world.

The exploration of texts and ideas in Key Stage 3 will give students the opportunity to engage with knowledge and concepts needed for successful study at Key Stage 4. In Year 7, for example, students will engage with a number of fiction and non-fiction texts on the theme of crime enabling them to develop an awareness of social injustice and inequality in Victorian society. They will build on this knowledge of social injustice in different societies in Year 8 when they explore ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and again in Year 9 when exploring the role of women in Literature. This spiralling of knowledge and awareness will give them the background needed to explore ideas surrounding injustice in the core texts currently studied for GCSE at Oakbank (A Christmas Carol, Romeo and Juliet and Animal Farm).



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