Oak Class

Oak Class - Curriculum Intent 

Oak Class was created to bridge the gap for Year Seven students starting Oakbank significantly below national average expectations in English and Mathematics. It also supports students in need of substantial emotional support as they transition from primary to secondary school. Its aims are:

  • To provide English and Mathematics lessons that unpick gaps and misconceptions in previous learning
  • To accelerate student progress towards age-appropriate goals
  • To provide a nurturing experience that feels like a primary classroom within a secondary environment
  • To ensure students access a broad and balanced curriculum

Student Selection

Students are selected for Oak Class using assessment data and through discussions with their year six teachers and parents. SATs testing, teacher assessment and CAT testing data is used to show which students are academically behind their peers. Priority is given to the students most in need of accelerated progress in both English and Mathematics. Parent and primary school teacher views are gathered to help decide which students would benefit from being in Oak Class. Occasionally children with substantial emotional needs will be included, even though their SATs results are broadly in line with national expectations.


Oak Class has one teacher delivering four English and four Mathematics lessons each week to the same class of learners. There are substantially fewer students in the class. A learning support assistant provides support for students with EHCPs or substantial SEND needs in addition to the class teacher. The class replaces all English and Mathematics lessons without impacting on any other subject areas. Students have a standard timetable and join larger classes for other subjects.

Transition from Oak Class

Progress in English and Mathematics is routinely assessed. Students who have made accelerated progress are considered for transition into other classes if they are working close to the expected levels for year seven. Decisions about transition are made through discussions with:

  • Parents and carers
  • The SEND team
  • Heads of Department
  • Learning Support Assistants

Other year seven classes are timetabled to allow students to join or leave Oak Class at any point during the year. Whilst most students attend both English and Mathematics lessons, some attend for one subject.

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