It is essential that students arrive at the school in plenty of time to organise themselves for the start of their day. Students are welcome to come into the school from 8am.


When a student is absent from school with no advance notice, for example because of illness, parents must telephone the School that same morning and each subsequent morning, to inform us of the reason for absence before 8.50am. It is possible to leave messages on the student absence voicemail at any time prior to 8.30am. To report an absence, please dial the main school telephone number and select the appropriate option.

Tel: 01189883616 or Email:

Please note that only emergency appointments for dentists, opticians, and doctors should be during school hours. Routine appointments must be made out of school hours. When it is known in advance that an absence is to be requested for such emergency appointments, parents must write a letter to the Headteacher at  least two days in advance.

In event of sickness and diarrhoea, our policy is 24 Hours absence after the last occurrence of sickness or diarrhoea. It is in important that you keep your child away from School for this period to stop passing on infections.

Absence is monitored very carefully at the school. Every day missed is a learning opportunity wasted.

Leave of Absence

The Government states that a student may be taken out of the school during term time for exceptional circumstances only and never for more than five days.

If exceptional circumstances occur, a ‘Request for Leave’ form must be obtained from Reception to request permission; this must be done one month in advance and submitted to the Headteacher. Permission will be granted only in exceptional circumstances and never for holidays.

Religious Leave of Absence

The School community does grant the statutory leave of absence of up to 3 days in order that students can observe important religious festivals.

Requests for such leave of absence are obtainable directly from reception in the form of a letter with a reply slip which parents need to complete and return.






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