Oakbank Governing Body Member as at September 2019 - Updated January 2020

Name Method of Appointment Term of Office Years Register of Interests Sept 2019 Responsibilities
Robin Bertrand Head Teacher        
Sarah Clarke LGB Appointed Sept 2017-2021 4

Chair at SEND Voices Wokingham

Children at Oakbank

Sarah Codling LGB Appointed & Founder Oct 2019-2022 4 Employee of Children's Services Wokingham  
Alex Huntley LGB Appointed 21/-1/20-2022 4

Employee of Intel Corporation

Child at Oakbank

Sheila McKenzie CST Chair       Interim Chair of LGB
Sarah Pontent LGB Appointed Oct 2019-2022 4 Child at Oakbank  
Pat Arthur LGB Appointed 01/01/2017   Clerk at Hatch Ride & Hillside Primaries Clerk to Governing Body
Governor Stepped down and end of terms of office          
Shannon Nolte LGB Appointed & Founder 10/10/19 4 Employee Kendrick school  
Kerry Huntley LGB Appointed 21/01/20 4

Employee Siemens

Child at Oakbank

Jo Callaway Staff 21/01/20 4 Employee at Oakbank  



At LGB Governor Body Meetings

September 2018 -July 2019

Governor Member 10/10/18 21/01/19 29/04/19 01/07/19
Jo Callaway Staff A A Y A
Sarah Clarke Co-opted Y A Y Y
David Holtham Vice Chair A A Left Left
Kerry Huntley LGB Governor Y Y Y A
Mark Mayne LGB Governor Y Y Y Left
Shannon Nolte LGB Governor Y Y Y Y
Sheila McKenzie Interim Chair Y Y Y Y
Maggie Seagrove Principal Y Y A A
Colin Sinclair Director of Education Secondary A Y Y Y

Oakbank School – Register of Local Governors 2019-20




Date stepped down
(if applicable)

Interests declared

Meetings attended

Jo Callaway

Local Governor

Oct 2014

31 Jan 2020

Staff member

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Sarah Clarke

Local Governor

Sept 2017


Chair of SEND Voices Wokingham. Parent of pupil attending the school.

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Sarah Codling

Local Governor

Sept 2019


Works at Children Services Wokingham Borough Council


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Alex Huntley

Local Governor

Jan 2020


Employed by Intel Corporation + Daughter at Oakbank


2 of 3

Kerry Huntley

Local Governor

Sept 2012

21 Jan 2020

None declared

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Shannon Nolte

Local Governor

Sept 2012

31 Dec 2019

None declared

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Sheila McKenzie

Interim Chair

Mar 2017


COO at Anthem Schools Trust. Trustee at the National Deaf Children Society. Trustee at SOS Sahel International UK. Member of the ICAEW.


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Sarah Pontet

Local Governor

Sept 2019


Parent of pupil attending the school

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Robin Bertrand




Staff member.

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